Life Skills

These modules are included at no charge.

Nutritional cooking

It's one thing to know how important good nutrition is for healing, it's another thing to know how to prepare healing foods. You will learn which foods are healing for you and will learn how to cook them.

Job, career, or business development

Finding employment or starting a career or business is an important aspect of your healing process. You will learn the skills of resume writing, answering interview questions strategically, developing a business plan, and identifying your passion regarding your ultimate career to assist with your success.

Establishing good credit

There are many ways to establish good credit. Whether you have no credit or need better credit, you will learn how to get the best credit possible.


You will learn to establish checking and savings accounts and how to balance and manage your accounts.


Budgeting your finances is critical in order to pay your bills and plan for your needs and future. You will learn to develop a budget and use it effectively.



NA, AA support and/or secular alternatives such as Smart Recovery

We can help coordinate meetings, encourage step work/homework and sponsor/mentor communication.