Erik‘s House of Healing is in a nice neighborhood with a good manager. It’s a warm and clean house with the nice dog named Lucy. My son enjoyed all the amenities including Internet cable, weight room, good mattresses, nice couches, fully equipped kitchen and a grill.
Sunday dinners included family. The weekly meetings made people feel more responsible for their own lives.
Gerry went to court with my son and talked on his behalf to the judge. Gerry had helpful suggestions for court and therapy. Gerry’s interest in recovery and geniune caring went above and beyond for my son.   It was a warm, safe home.


Erik's House of Healing took me in when I felt at a complete loss in life and that I had nowhere left to turn. There I found love, compassion, and hope. I am so grateful for Gerry and all the people I met while living at the house. Plus there is Lucy - the best and sweetest dog who will steal anyone's heart!


Gerry has helped me in so many different ways in my recovery.  He is one of the most well intentioned, kind hearted people I have ever met.  Erik's House of Healing is a sober living house that I would 10 out of 10 recommend.  Lucy the dog is an added bonus.


My wife and I have become aware that the road to recovery from addiction is a long, winding, and arduous one, with no end.  Our son had been fighting his addictions for years, both on his own and at our home.  What we have found out over the years is that there are essentially three steps to fighting addiction:  


  1. Detoxification 

  1. Rehabilitation 

  1. Long-term monitoring, guidance, and support 


As one moves from 1 to 2 to 3 there is less control and monitoring, and more freedom. 


We tried to accomplish step 3 on our own at our home, and found that we were grossly unprepared and consequently unsuccessful.  What we have come to understand that within our home there were triggers that would set our son off back on the path to addiction requiring that he start all over again at the detoxification stage. 


During his last rehabilitation effort, we became aware of Sober Living Houses, and in particular Erik’s House.  Erik’s House was founded by Erik’s father, Gerry, in memory of his son.  Erik’s house provides a nice, but not too nice, safe place free of the triggers that would set our son back on the road to addiction.  I feel the not too nice assessment is very important, because it is hard work to fight through your demons and if the facility is too cushy, one doesn’t win the fight. 


The facility that Gerry has built houses only men, from early twenties to sixty plus.  The men at Erik’s House seem to act as fraternity brothers, in that they support one another, because they are all fighting a common enemy, addiction. They understand what each member is going through, as does Gerry, and under Gerry’s guidance they fight their individual battles knowing they have the support of the house. 


The best thing that happened to our son, and quite frankly saved his life, was moving into Erik’s House and not coming back to live with us.  You will find that Gerry is a kind, intelligent, mentor for these men, and yet he is no pushover:  violate his rules and you are out.  This is something that we could never do at our home. 


I fully credit Gerry and Erik’s House for saving our son and putting him on the road to recovery; in fact, he is now pursuing his BS in addiction counseling.  


Thank God for Gerry and Erik’s House of Healing. 


                                                                                        A.M. and C.M

I have lived here at Erik's House of Healing.  I was very reluctant to  go to  Sober Living,  but it has been one of the best things I've ever done for myself and those close to me. Living here made my transition  from inpatient treatment to a new way of life so much easier.  In my experience,  compassion and support were combined with accountability and responsibility.  Gerry was available for advice and support.  All the guys had household chores each week. Everyone there was working in the same direction, which made it easier to stay focused on my recovery.  The house is beautiful and large, with very nice amenities like a pool table, weight equipment,  theater, comfortable bedrooms, and a great backyard.  Shopping and bike paths and recreation are nearby.  I enjoyed my time there,  and still consider my housemates as friends.  I truly and sincerely recommend this house to anyone seeking long-term, sustainable recovery.


Gerry, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the house.  I don't know what I would have done without the time to transition.  I was embarrassed and terrified coming in, but it's what I needed.  I know you had your reservations, but I'm glad that you stuck with me and made sure I was ok.  I still struggle with my anxiety, but know sobriety is my only path to happiness in the end.  So thank you again.


Gerry, I am always happy to give resources to places that I believe in.  I know you are in this business for the right reasons and I have always enjoyed working with you.  You are a good man and I believe in what you are doing.  Thank you for all you do.